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    aml8726 m qrm v1.0 tabreviewaml8726 m quick reference manual arm cortex a9 cpu, up to 1ghz frequency video mixer aml8726 m the quad core arm cortex a9 cpu can run up to 2ghz and has a tri cores amlogic video engine video mixer amlogic8726 3716c cpu aml8726 mx s cpu dual core arm cortex a9 cpu up to 1.5ghz and 7500dmips s gpu dual core arm mali 400 s flash memory 4gbyte nand & 4mbytes s android4.2 ott dvb t2 generalstandardscpu dual core arm cortex a9 cpu up to 1.5ghz and 7500dmipssos android os 4.2sdvb t/t2 compliant cpu aml8726 mx s cpu aml8726 m3 qrm v1.0 20110706 tabreviewaml8726 m3 quick reference manual revision 1.0 arm cortex a9 cpu up to 1ghz frequency and 2500dmips video mixer measy x7 android tv box hdd arm cortex a9 | ainol novo 7 tornado 16gb with 1gb arm cortex a9 amlogic i have this product but it doesn't support hd games like asphalt ainol novo 7 mars slate arm cortex cortex a9 neon vs vfp usage confusion stack overflowchild & baby. boys. coats & jackets suits shorts jeans. t shirts jumpsuits & playsuits nightwear outerwear. socks & hats bags shoes & boots. girls. coats & jackets