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    wheel tracking cooper technology | cooper technologywheel tracking made in uk by cooper technology. hamburg compression testing machine; asphalt compaction made in uk by cooper wide wheel abrasion testing machine; wheel tracking test cooper technologya cored or laboratory compacted slab of hot mix asphalt is subjected to repeated passes of a loaded wheel while the resultant rut depth is monitored. wheel tracking bituminous mixtures laboratory | federal highway bituminous mixtures laboratory .. wheel tracking device measures the rutting and moisture susceptibility of an asphalt paving mixture by rolling a steel wheel asphalt wheel trackers matestwheel tracking apparatus is used to simulate the effect of traffic and to measure the deformation susceptibility of the bituminous sample asphalt testing equipment advanced asphalt wheel tracking quality asphalt testing equipment advanced asphalt wheel tracking machine manufacturers & exporter buy asphalt testing equipment from china suppliers. wheel tracking machine wet/dry wheel tracking test is used for determining the susceptibility of hot mix asphalt hma to deform under load by measuring the rut depth formed by repeated passes cheap asphalt